Outdoor Signs – Advantages to Going Digital

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Outdoor advertising is just as relevant it the twenty-first century as it has ever been. Outdoor adverts and promotions really work in generating awareness particularly with branding, with recent research from the Outdoor Advertising Association showing how effective this form of advertising still is.

But that doesn’t mean that the type of outdoor posters used in previous decades will still be relevant now to the more media savvy audiences of the modern world.

A more modern and engaging from of outdoor advertising is taking hold on many of our high streets and busy thoroughfares – outdoor digital signage.

This modern and visually appealing from of outdoor advertisements are not just better looking and more eye-catching than traditional static advertisements, it has other advantages too.

Outdoor digital signage is the use of modern flat screen TVs such as plasma and LCD erected outdoors to display promotion and advertising content on. The great advantage of this technology is that it is incredibly flexible and versatile.

Multiple content can be displayed on the same advertising screen, this means that advertisers can maximise the potential revenue from one site. Furthermore, there are cost savings to consider too.  Standard outdoor adverts have to be erected by technicians but with digital signage they are not required as content can be uploaded centrally and remotely to an entire network of signs.

Another great advantage of going digital is that content can also be scheduled for relevant times of day enabling you to target specific audiences such as the lunch time crowd. This is unique for outdoor advertising where normally adverts can’t be targeted.

The only downside to embarking on an outdoor digital campaign is the need to protect the screens from the elements. Rainfall, excessive temperatures – not to mention impacts, either accidental of deliberate – can all damage an outdoor screen.

But protection for outdoor digital signage is fairly simple, cost effective and easy to achieve. All that is required is to house the display in an LCD enclosure which will provide all the weather and physical protection required for any screen to operate in outdoor locations.

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