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Our social lives are changing. Even in colder climates there is more of a move toward outdoor living, especially when we socialise and go to bars and pubs, many of whom are now providing outdoor areas for people to relax in.

Part of this culture shift is dues to smoking bans forcing people outdoors, and a growing café culture in developing many countries as we are spend far more time outdoors than we traditionally used to.

For pubs, bars and hotels keeping people entertained can be tricky, especially as people often visit bars and pubs to watch sporting events with their friends and acquaintances. So what many of these businesses are doing is installing an outdoor TV in the beer garden or outdoor space. And homeowners are seeing the potential for backyard TVs too with more and more people installing an outdoor TV in their patio, deck or poolside areas.

Outdoor TV screens are increasingly becoming common to accommodate this increase in demand for outdoor TVs but there price is many times higher than standard indoor screens, proving a heady investment for small businesses and householders.

But there are economical and cost effective alternatives to using these outdoor and weatherproof TVs – use a standard device and just ensure it is protected from the elements.

Fortunately, outdoor TV enclosures, commonly known as LCD enclosures (although they can house plasmas too), can enclose almost any standard make, model or size of screen and ensure it is kept dry and protected from the outdoor elements.

Outdoor TV enclosures pride a comprehensive form of protection and not just from the weather. While the screens are kept dry and free from weather elements, wind-blown dust is kept away from the device too. The housed screen is also kept at the correct temperature by internal systems like fans – heaters can be used in very cold climates while air conditioning can be fitted in extremely hot locations – while the steel outer body of the LCD enclosure provides a secure barrier against impacts and theft.

But the biggest advantage of the outdoor LCD enclosures is the cost saving. Even when you combine the cost of the TV you are to use and the enclosure it is still much lower than buying a designed-for-outdoor TV – which will still need some form of physical protection, especially if it is to be left unsupervised overnight.

Outdoor TVs are becoing commonplace

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