Outdoor TV Screens – Saving Lives – Part one

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Outdoor digital signage is receiving a boon from advertisers and marketers who are finding this technology a cost effective method of promotion, advertising and providing information such as wayfinding.

And while outdoor TV screens are good at providing these sorts of services there is a more serious side to outdoor TV screens – providing important information in emergency situations and times of crisis.

Information in real time

The great advantage of using an outdoor digital signage system as a means or providing warnings and emergency information is the ability to upload content in real time. This means if an emergency situation arises, people can be warned almost instantly, which can result in lives being saved.

Even if there are dozens of screens situated across a large area, with modern communication technology, the screens can all be networked together so the information can be disseminated across the entire area, instantly.

Digital signage is often deployed as warning signs


Another advantage of digital screens for providing information is that it is ubiquitous. No other communication system can be as far reaching. Other forms or communication, such as radio broadcasts, email or mobile phones  rely on people having checked their in-boxes or be listening to the radio at the time of crisis – while an outdoor screen will serve the message to anybody passing.

The uses for such information are almost endless but some areas where digital signage is already being used with the intention of providing emergency information in many situations:

Road networks

Highway digital signage is extremely useful for indicating congestion and accidents ahead. This sort of technology has been used on motorways and freeways for many years but is now commonplace in more remote areas.  This can ensure drivers are alerted to possible difficulties ahead such as accidents, road closures or other dangers.

To be continued…

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