Outdoor TV Screens – Saving Lives – Part Two

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School/college Campus

Unfortunately gun incidents around colleges, schools and universities has become and all-too-common problem. Recent gun-related incidents at universities and even an army barracks indicated the need for providing real time information for the emergency. Many of these incidents can be quite protracted and lives can be saved if people can be warned to remain off campus until the incident is over.

In recent shooting incidents institutions were criticised for not being able to provide this service which ultimately cost lives.

High school implementing digital signage

Tsunami warnings

Another area where huge numbers of lives can be saved by digital signage is in warning of natural disasters like tsunamis. The boxing-day tsunami of 2004 killed 200,000 people and many of these lives could have been saved if warning systems were used. Whilst these tidal waves are difficult to predict and warnings may be only a matter of a few minutes it is still enough time for people to get to safety. Digital screens are now being used across the pacific rim as part of tsunami warning systems as part of the early earning system.

Avalanche warnings

Another area that are finding digital signage screens useful for providing emergency information are skiing resorts. Avalanches and dangerous snows cause dozens of deaths each year.  On ski resorts there really is no other way of providing emergency information to people on the ski slopes which is where outdoor screens really come into their own.

Emergency Warnings Require Durable Hardware

Providing emergency information via outdoor screens is only effective if the screens can be relied upon. While these screens can be used to provide other information, or even advertising, when there is no emergency – when something does happen the screen needs to work.

Outdoor TVs are vulnerable to the elements so ensuring they are well protected will not only reduce maintenance costs but ensure they are working when needed.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are the perfect protection for any outdoor screen used ina n emergency. They not only protect the screens from the elements (rain, snow, sleet, hail etc) but also offer a solid steel housing that acts as an impervious barrier to impacts and vandalism.

Furthermore, outdoor TV enclosures always maintain the optimum temperatures and environmental conditions inside the enclosure so the enclosed TV screen will not only last a lot longer but will always be operating in perfect conditions – reducing maintenance and assuring it will work when required.

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