Outdoor TV Systems

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Following the smoking ban in public places that is in force throughout most of Europe and with the forthcoming World Cup just around the corner, more and more pubs, restaurants and bars are looking to install outdoor TV’s.

We have have a wide range of outdoor LCD protection, ideal for using TV systems outdoors. From small 19” to 24” enclosures to giant 70” widescreen cabinets, their LCD enclosure provide the ideal protective environment for LCD or plasma TVs allowing their use in outdoor or hostile conditions.

Weatherproof and solidly built from mild steel with shatterproof polycarbonate screen, our LCD enclosures are lockable, secure and can protect against theft and vandalism.

An LCD enclosure means any standard LCD or plasma TV can be used in outdoor locations. The LCD enclosures are sealed to European and USA guidance ratings (IP54 – IP65 and NEMA 4) ensuring their waterproof and weatherproof qualities and coming from Europe’s leading supplier of display, computer and printer protection our LCD enclosures it is guaranteed for five years!

Combined with a standard LCD TV and a speaker system, an LCD enclosure is an ideal solution for both outdoor TV viewing and outdoor digital signage.

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