Outdoor TVs – for Homes, Bars, Pubs and Hotels

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The way we watch television has changed over the last few years. No longer are we slaves to the schedulers and major networks, as satellite and cable TV have given us more choose while technologies like TV recorders, online catch-up services and streaming content allow us to choose when and what we watch.Where we watch TV has changed too, as has what we watch TV on. The technology itself has been revolutionised by the generation of flatscreen TVs such as the plasma and LCD. These TFT screens are less intrusive and can be installed anywhere.

One area where people are increasingly watching TV in, is their patios, gardens or outside the local pub or bar.

Outdoor TVs are rising in popularity, especially during the warmer months or in locations where higher than average temperatures are experienced.

By placing a TV in the patio area it enable the home to be extended to outside. Relaxing in the open air whilst watching your favourite shows is a pleasure more and more people are finding attractive.

There are difficulties to using a TV outdoors, even in areas where moderate climates are experienced; there is still a need for protection.

Not only does any TV device kept outdoors nee to be protected from the weather – not just rain either but all sorts of external elements such as airborne dust can disable a screen – but also the device needs to be securely fitted and, especially in the case of a bar or pub, have some anti-vandalism measures too.

LCD enclosure – a Cost Effective Outdoor TV Soluton

While outdoor TVs are available they have two distinct dis-advantages.  The first is that these devices are incredibly expensive and out of the budget of most homeowners or even bar owners who would be reluctant to make such a large investment. The second disadvantage to the expensive outdoor devices is that they offer no protection against vandalism, theft or accidental impact.

A simpler, more cost effective and comprehensive system is to use a standard LCD device and house it in a relevant sized outdoor TV enclosure. The LCD enclosure will protect the enclosed TV from the elements enabling it to be used in almost any outdoor location, while the steel casing of the LCD enclosure will protect against theft and vandalism.

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