Perils of Dust for Digital Displays

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Outdoor digital signage is becoming a common extension of digital out of home and, thanks to the outdoor TV systems and the protection offered by outdoor LCD enclosures, they are found in all sorts of locations and environments.

Most outdoor screens and LCD enclosures are designed to provide weather protection including ensuring the display is able to cope with a range of temperatures. LCD enclosures are also vandal resistant.

There is, however, one element that is just as potentially disabling for an LCD screen as weather or temperature and that is dust. Whether the screen is located in an indoor industrial or warehouse location where dust has built up, or the screen is outside, perhaps near to a source of sand or other windblown debris, dust can instantly disable a display screen,

Dust can be comprised of anything, from human skin to every imaginable element used in industry, from metals to liquids, so if it can enter an LCD display will cause short circuiting or block up filters causing overheating.

Keeping dust out is, therefore, an essential aspect of protecting indoor display screens and outdoor digital signage. LCD enclosures are ideal for dust protection which is all part of their comprehensive protective package.

As well as being weatherproof, able to prevent rainfall from penetrating an LCD display, LCD enclosures are also dustproof, preventing any airborne debris from getting inside the enclosure.

This dust protection is essential in any location that could be described as dusty.  From industrial complexes to digital screens used around beach resorts, dust has to be prevented from getting inside the TV device.

The most difficult aspect of providing dust protection with an LCD enclosure is ensuring there is adequate cooling. As dust can block filters, positive pressure systems and intricate air flow channels have to be used to provide access to fresh air to aide cooling whilst preventing any particulates from getting inside the enclosure.

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