Planning an Outdoor Digital Signage Campaign

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Outdoor digital signage is a great way of raising interest and generating awareness to your company, products and brand.

Although the initial outlay of an outdoor digital signage campaign can be quite steep. The potential audience size that can be reached can soon generate a return on investment. But outdoor digital signage does require some thought to ensure any campaign is successful.


The most important aspect of any outdoor digital signage campaign is the location. Any signage system outdoors has the potential to attract large numbers of passers by but only if it is in the right location. Any outdoor digital signage system needs to be in high traffic areas and clearly visible. Remember also that passers by will be walking, cycling, driving and be on other modes of transport.

The weather

The weather is prime factor when considering the outdoor digital signage. Any system will have to operate in all weathers so the types of conditions it will be expected to endure should be thought about. Rainfall is an important factor as is temperature control and protecting the screen from direct sunlight.

LCD enclosures are available to ensure protection of the LCD or plasma device but make sure they have adequate climatic controls and are manufactured to IP65 or NEMA 4.


As with any digital signage campaign content is key. Ensure your content is lively and attractive and gets the message across that you want to express.

Ensure the content is working before any campaign is switched on. Ensure that the content can be uploaded to all necessary devices especially if it is on a network.

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