Pre-Sale Digital Signage

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Retailers are one of the prime users of digital signage. Digital signage has so many advantages for retailers that it is no wonder. In retail environments digital displays promote items instore, POS (Point of Sale) signage helps up-sell particular items, promote featured specials, promote extended warranties and introduce new products. But another form of retail digital signage can help bring people into the store and increase sales—pre-sell digital signage.

Pre Sale Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage systems are an effective method of pre-sales. Unlike instore advertising, which can only manipulate or alter existing customers’ shopping trends, an outdoor screen can drive traffic into a store, restaurant or other establishment.

Outdoor areas have a large range, drawing the eye of not just passersby, but also those in public transport. Furthermore, the range of a decent sized high definition screen is far greater than a static image. The vibrant nature and moving image attracts attention from farther away than a poster.

A pre-sale digital signage display can attract people who may not have visited the store or restaurant without seeing it, and are ideal for spontaneous consumer items.

Restaurants, coffee shops and fast food establishments are starting to use this sort of outdoor digital signage for just this purpose. Providing images of meals and promotional offers encourages people to frequent the diner or restaurant. And, as scheduling is permitted with digital signage content, altering menus to match meal times or promotional periods enables the store owners to maximize the benefits of these periods.

Retailers can also benefit from a pre-sale digital signage display, using it to promote sales items, special offers and promotions and attracting people who perhaps would not have entered the store originally.

A good presale digital signage display needs to be prominent and bold so most users prefer the totem style, placed inside a shop entrance, pointing out to the passing audience.


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