Preventing Digital Signage Damage

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With so many advantages to digital signage compared to other media, it’s no wonder that it is one of the fastest growing advertising and promotional platforms. Of course, using LCD displays in public environments has several challenges, especially in outdoor locations where weatherproofing and temperature control are essential to ensure continued operation.

LCD enclosure provide comprehensive protection from damage

But the weather is not the only form of protection that needs considering with outdoor digital signage, as damage caused by accidents and deliberate impacts will disable a screen just as quickly as weather elements, and even for indoor screens, physical protection is essential.

LCD screens are vulnerable pieces of equipment. Not only will impacts and heavy shocks cause damage and disablement, but also the screen face is highly vulnerable. Of course, any damage on the screen, even partial damage, will affect the effectiveness of and digital signage display.

While protecting the LCD casing is not too challenging, with any robust LCD or digital signage enclosure able to provide enough defence; however, the screen face itself is another matter.

Obviously, any screen protection needs transparency to enable the viewing of content, which poses a problem for protection.

Standard glass is out of the question for digital signage protection, not only is glass exceptionally brittle and easily broken, but glass is also a dangerous material, causing possible injury if it shatters.

Shatterproof screens, made from specialist polymers, don’t break on impacts, but they do scar and indent, but replacing the shatterproof screen is preferable to replacing the entire display.

Toughened glass is another solution for protecting digital signage screens. Highly rugged, toughened glass is tough to break, and if it does shatter, it breaks into small pieces rather than shards preventing injury to passersby.

With LCD enclosures, several options are available to protect the screen, either shatterproof polymers or toughened glass, and even variation using anti-reflective coatings, while the steel LCD enclosure provides a rugged barrier against impact and also protects against theft.

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