Preventing LCD Damage in Outdoor Digital Signage

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LCD TVs are incredibly flexible and useful pieces of technology. Gone are the days when TV systems are used solely for home entertainment systems, now flat screen TV’s such as LCD and plasma are used for a multitude of purposes and in a variety of locations.

Information, advertising, brand awareness and electronic notice boards are just some of the applications modern TV systems are being used for. One of the fastest growing sectors for using LCD TVs is the digital signage industry where flat screens are used to deliver advertising and information.

Whilst digital signage can be placed everywhere, there are limits to the types of environments that an LCD TV can operate in. Most LCD TV’s are designed and built with only home entertainment in mind and while some manufacturers are building outdoor LCD TVs and LCD TVs that are waterproof, they are extremely expensive.

Fortunately a far cheaper and more flexible solution for protecting LCD TV’s in hazardous areas is available in the shape of LCD enclosures.

LCD enclosures house conventional shop-bought LCD TV’s. However, the LCD enclosure itself is more than just a protective steel box. Inside the enclosures there are heating and cooling elements, thermostatically controlled that permit the use of the LCD in hot houses or chilled areas.

Another feature of LCD enclosures is the protection they offer the screen. Most LCD enclosures have a shatterproof screen that not only gives the LCD enclosure some vandal proof protection but also means that if there is an incident with the LCD TV, smashed glass -which could cause all production in a food facility to cease – is not a consideration.

LCD enclosures are also waterproof and dustproof allowing their use in outdoor locations making them ideal as a cost effective method of outdoor digital signage and monitors.

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