Production Facilities and Digital Signage

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While people often think of digital signage as an advertising medium, there are many more applications for using out of home LCD screens. Because of the mediums ability to provide immediate information, scheduled content and its prominent and eye-catching nature, digital signage provides an effective form of communication for all sorts of applications.

Production and factory floors are ideal example of where digital signage can provide a useful and meaningful method of communicating.

Digital signage is an ideal form of communication in production environments

Production facilities require communication for several reasons, but the challenges of many factory floors make other forms of communication ineffective. Noise, dispersed workforce and the size of some production sites make s communicating a challenge but digital signage provides a solution for many communication needs.

Production Status

Knowing the production schedule is vital for a workforce on a factory floor. Knowing which jobs are due, and which are complete is part of an efficient production line. Digital signage provides a clear visual indicator, and when screens are placed in the right location, all members of the workforce can be kept up to speed.


Whether it’s a problem on the production line, an accident or a fire alarm, getting the alert message to all staff can help save lives. While ambient noise levels can affect a fire alarm’s effectiveness, a digital screen is always visible.

 Compliance Reminders

Digital signage also provides an effective platform for reminding staff about health and safety rules. Static notices often go unread, but health and safety content interspersed with other content such as production status, enables the message to be reinforced.

Internal Messaging

These days, communicating with office staff is often done with email; however, in production areas email is not always available to everybody. Digital signage enables the entire workforce to be kept informed of all the latest company news and developments, ensuring everybody knows what’s happening.

LCD Enclosures

Using digital signage in a production environment can be a challenge, however, as dust, liquids and varying temperatures can cause standard systems to fail. LCD enclosures provide an effective way of using digital signage displays in a whole host of locations providing comprehensive protection and ensuring long life for any internal communication system.


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