Protecting Communication Screens

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The LCD TV has come a long way from the first devices that were manufactured for the home entertainment market. These flat screen TVs are now just as likely to be seen in your local shopping centre or retail-park as they are in a front room.

Digital signage and digital advertising seem to be ubiquitous, from doctor’s waiting rooms to local convenience shops, displays are being implemented in all sorts of locations.

And it’s not just the commercial sector that is finding uses for them, either. Because of the real time ability to display information, the flexibility and versatility of being able to upload, schedule and replace information instantly, has provided a good tool for those that have to disseminate information.

Timetable information on railway platforms, wayfinding on high streets and even information being relayed by your local school, church or hospital can be relayed using digital screens.

Communication screens being installed in a train station – protected by Amragard's LCD enclosures

For indoor areas, the technology required to provide infor-mation or digital signage, remains the same as it does to provide TV coverage; however, for outdoor digital signage and screens that have to sit exposed to the elements – additional hardware is required.

LCD enclosures are the most cost effective and efficient way of protecting these outdoor information screens. The enclosure surrounds the LCD screen and protects it from all the weather and temperatures of an outdoor environment.

By using the LCD enclosure standard and inexpensive commercial grade screens can be installed rather than expensive waterproof devices. Furthermore, as the LCD enclosure provides the perfect internal environment for these devices you can be assured that the LCD will last at least as long as if it had been installed in a nice warm front room – and often a lot longer.

LCD enclosures are also rugged and tough,, able to withstand any weather front as well as providing a protective barrier to deter thieves andvandals.

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