Protecting Digital Signage from the Elements

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Digital signage is one of the most effective ways of getting a message across. The use of plasma and LCD screens for the purposes of advertising, marketing and information has risen dramatically over the last five years.

LCD and plasmas are now regularly seen in such places as shopping malls, colleges, schools, hospitals, prisons, factories, retail parks and convention centers advertising and information. One area where the use of plasmas and LCDs  has expanded is for outdoor digital signage use with more and more companies realizing the potential of the passing trade from their premises.

One of the reasons for the expansion of digital signage is the falling cost of LCD and plasma screens, both of which are now cheaper than CRT TV’s had ever been. In fact, using digital signage outside probably costs less than it does to hire a professional sign writer to erect a conventional 2D sign.

There are pitfalls in taking LCD and plasmas outside of course, due mainly to the weather and having to leave them unattended. The latter can be dealt with by using sturdy mounts and locks but to protect from the weather, particularly in countries and states where it can go from one extreme to the other poses particular challenges.

Protecting Digital Signage

Waterproofing is one of the main concerns and the NEMA 4 rating (in Europe it is the IP rating IP65) is designed to clarify that a device is watertight although they cannot be immersed in water. However , many manufacturers of outdoor digital signage concentrate too much on the waterproof aspect of their devices and fail to pay enough attention to the other elements that digital outdoor signage has to face.

Direct sunlight, extreme heat, snow and sub-zero temperatures are all part of our weather so any LCD or plasma that has to operate outside needs adequate heating, cooling as well as waterproofing.

Some of the most effective methods of creating a safe working environment for outdoor digital signage is to use a plasma or LCD enclosure. A standard LCD and plasma is enclosed in the device which is NEMA 4 (IP 65) sealed and also contains essential heating, cooling and ventilation. These outdoor LCD enclosures can be situated anywhere and they can protect digital signage from almost any conditions in any environments.

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