Protecting display devices – LCD enclosures

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Plasma and LCDs have dramatically changed not just home entertainment but also have revolutionised the signage industry. Before these new types of flat screen televisions, digital signage would have been impossible with the old bulky cathode ray tubes (CRT).

The price of these modern plasma and LCD TV’s too has dropped to a level far lower than CRT’s ever did meaning that plasma and LCD are now being used in areas and places where it was inconceivable to place an expensive television before.

Outdoor digital signage
has expanded dramatically over the last few years. In many towns and cities now, digital signage is more commonplace than the traditional neon signs that have been used for decades to attract attention. Now, digital signage systems are being used not just by retailers but even city departments and using them as convenient information tools, placing kiosks in many locations from town squares to train stations.

In using an outdoor digital signage system it is imperative that whatever display device is to be used, whether it is LCD or plasma, it needs to be protected from the weather. Rain, snow, hail, blazing sunshine and sub zero temperatures are all weather elements that have the potential to permanently incapacitate any digital signage system.

LCD and plasma enclosures
are an ideal way to protect display devices for outdoor digital signage purposes.  Not only are these enclosures often manufactured to European IP and NEMA ratings which describe the waterproofing and dust proof capabilities of the LCD enclosures but they are often fitted with additional cooling and heater systems to ensure the outdoor digital display will operate no matter what the weather throws at them.

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