Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage from Harsh and Freak Weather

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The news seems to be full of harsh weather stories and freak weather occurrences at the moment, with Tornadoes battering the American Midwest, floods in Mississippi and even in countries where weather is generally milder, extreme winds and weather fronts are making headlines.

Whether you are an advocate of the threat of global warming, or not, extreme weather is something that can happen almost anywhere. And despite advances in meteorology, predicting the weather is more art than science, and forecasters can often get it wrong.

Protecting outdoor digital signage and information screens from the elements is vital for the continued operation of the display, with waterproofing and temperature control essential to reduce risk of failure in an outdoor location; however, even in locations that don’t experience severe weather fronts, the possibility of freak weather occurrences means that some outdoor digital signage protection may not be adequate.

While most outdoor digital signage displays are manufactured to NEMA standards and should withstand rainfall and other elements, and variable temperatures, often weather can bring with it other problems. During periods of high wind, a common danger, for both people and property is the risk of impact from flying debris, and when winds reach speeds of 70, 80 and even 100 mph, that means all sorts of objects can be flying around at the same speeds.

Impact defense is, therefore, an important aspect of protecting outdoor digital signage in such weather, and often is overlooked, leaving screens vulnerable. A good strong enclosure and shatterproof screen can prevent an impact from permanently disabling the screen.

Another area often overlooked is humidity. During times of high rainfall, when the weather is particularly hot, humidity levels can rise, causing condensation to build-up. This can not only lead to a screen from frosting over, but also, if enough condensation gets at the screen it can disable and permanently damage the screen. Ensuring a proper air-flow through the device is essential to avoid this and is one of the main challenges of outdoor digital signage manufacturers.

Outdoor Digital; Signage Used as Weather Warnings

Digital Signage Used as Weather Warning

A well-protected outdoor digital sign can play an important role during times of extreme weather too. Often providing warnings to people when a tornadoes, hurricanes or when other severe weather approaches.

While traditional news media outlets (radio, TV, newspapers etc) are still highly useful, they are dependent on people tuning in or buying the paper. An outdoor digital signage display can warn all those that pass, and even signs, normally providing other information of content can be deployed in times of emergency, helping to save lives.

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