Protecting Outdoor Screens – Factors to Consider

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Since the rise of the flat panel LCD and plasma display, no longer are televisions only found in living rooms. LCD TVs are now as much a part of the out of home environment and are commonly used for advertising and information.

Outdoor digital signage is at the forefront of this alternative use for LCD screens. Similar to indoor digital signage, where screens are used to relay advertising, branding, promotion and information, outdoor screens take these sensitive electronic device outdoors to where there are more people and therefore a greater audience.

Using LCD TVs outdoors does require protection otherwise the LCD will fail during the first bout of rain or run-in with an aggressive vandal:

Weather Elements

Rain, snow, hail and even the wind, when it is blowing dust or other airborne particles, can permanently damage an LCD device. There are weather resistant screens designed for outdoor use but they can cost a packet and offer little other protection.


Temperature limits are another factor that can affect the continued running of an outdoor LCD screen. Both extremes of temperature, from high heat to freezing cold, can cause screens to fail so some form of temperature control needs to be installed otherwise the height of summer or the cold winter months may permanently disable the screen.

Physical Protection

The weather isn’t the only aspect of protection that should be considered. Screens are a prime target for vandalism and can easily be damaged accidentally. Both the screen and the rest of the device should be housed in a good strong digital signage enclosure to protect it from physical impact – a good shatterproof layer over the screen is also a prerequisite.


One area that is often overlooked when it comes to protecting outdoor digital signage is sunlight. Not only des sunlight cause a screen to be washed out, or suffer from glare – resulting in the need for a higher brightness device, but direct sunlight can also severely damage the screen by burning hotspots onto it.

LCD Enclosure

Perhaps the perfect all-round solution for protecting LCD screens in an outdoor environment is an LCD enclosure. These devices can be customized to suit almost any environment protecting any type of LCD screen from all the above variables — they are also far more cost effective than made for outdoor TV.

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