Protecting TVs in Custodial Suites, Prisons and Institutes

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Protecting LCD screens from the weather, vandalism and attack is a common concern for those considering outdoor digital signage. But there is another are where LCD’s are commonly used where not only protecting the device from attack becomes essential, but also protecting vulnerable adults from the screen does too.

Many prisons, young offender’s institutes and psychiatric hospitals have a need for TV systems that can operate in effectively; can withstand attack and most importantly can’t be used as a weapon or means to hurt oneself.

When installing a TV in one of these institutions there are several aspects that need to be considered:

• The TV has to be able to withstand an attack. Not only does the enclosure and mounting itself need to be durable enough so that it can’t be pulled from the wall or broken into, but also the screens has to be shatterproof so any attack doesn’t result in shards of glass which can be used as a weapon or a means of self-harm.

• The TV has to be mounted so it can’t be used as somewhere to loop ligatures on. Often an LCD enclosure mounted flush to the wall should prevent any ligatures from being hung from the enclosure.

• The LCD enclosure should prevent any items or digits from being inserted inside the enclosure. Even a tiny hole could allow a wire to be inserted in the enclosure which could not only damage the device but also allow it to be used as support for a ligature.

LCD enclosures are ideal for use in custody suites, prison or hospital TV rooms as they not only offer an all round protection that can prevent the TV from being damaged and needing constant replacement but also they eliminate the potential risk s a TV device could cause to inmates or patients determined to self-harm.

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