Protection for LCD Screens Outdoors

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The LCD TV has become a flexible and multipurpose tool and you are just as likely to pass one on the high street or in a shopping mall as to sit down in front of one for a night’s TV viewing.

Digital signage is a growing media and as more and more companies and businesses invest in this burgeoning industry more and more locations for digital signage are being identified.

One of the growing areas where the use of LCD TV systems has exploded in recent years is outside, for outdoor digital signage or out of home advertising.

However, outside is not the best place to operate a LCD or plasma TV system in. Not only can weather systems like rain or snow disable a TV – permanently – but there are other harmful elements that an outdoor digital signage TV has to cope with that an indoor system doesn’t.

Keeping a screen protected is perhaps one of the most important aspects to an outdoor digital signage campaign. The screen, not only has to be watertight to prevent any rainfall from penetrating it also needs to withstand direct sunlight and still be readable.

This is achieved by using an anti-glare screen that will still display the image even when the sun is directly in front of it. The screen also needs to be protected against both accidental and deliberate damage so shatterproof materials like polycarbonate are used.

In all, attempting to use LCD TV’s in outdoor digital signage campaigns involves ensuring the screens are waterproof, shatterproof and readable in direct sunlight. These problems can be overcome individually but a better solution is to enclose a standard TV system in an outdoor LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures will waterproof the LCD TV, prevent shattering of the screen and can be fitted with anti-glare systems to allow the outdoor digital signage to be visible in the brightest of sunlight.

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