Reasons to Consider Outdoor Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the latest buzzword amongst advertisers. IT can be described as a modern, dynamic and flexible method of advertising to a mass audience – it is also cost effective in comparison to other mass marketing systems (TV, radio, newspapers etc).

Digital signage has become so popular it is now found in a myriad of locations from retail stores to gas stations; shopping malls to doctor’s waiting room and it is also now being found in outside locations.

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage is a natural extension of indoor systems. Due to the proliferation of indoor screens, taking it outside will not only reduce the amount of competition but also will attract a higher audience compared with an indoor system.

There are added challenges of course, protecting the device from the weather, excessive temperatures and ensuring it is secured from vandals or thieves – all of which can be handled by a good quality outdoor LCD enclosure.

However, the benefits of going outdoors can far outweigh the costs:

The advantages of outdoor digital signage outweigh the costs

Benefits of outdoor digital signage

There are benefits of outdoor digital signage are but include:

Cost effective outdoor advertising – compared to other outdoor advertising methods, outdoor digital signage is relatively cost effective. There is no need to send technicians to replace content as with 2D print posters.
• Engaging – far more noticeable in the sea of outdoor advertisements; the moving imagery and bright colours is far more eye-catching than static images.
• Flexible – multiple advertisements can be displayed on the same screen and content can be uploaded remotely without the need for regular replacements of the advertisements.
• Modern – ripped and faded print adverts are no match for the modernity and image represented buy an LCD screen

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