Recommended Locations for Outdoor Digital Signage

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Outdoor digital signage is the fastest growing sector in the out of home advertising sector. One of the reasons for the rise in take of digital outdoor signage systems is the high volume of views an outdoor TV screen will receive compared to an indoor campaign.

However, not every outdoor location is ideal for digital signage and it is important to ensure the signs are as visible as possible and ensuring you find the correct location is one way of achieving this.

Bus Shelter / Transport Terminal Digital Signage

Transport hubs are great locations for outdoor digital signage as they are locations where people are forced to wait. So bus shelters, railway platforms and even taxi ranks provide a great opportunity for outdoor digital signage and outdoor advertising as the audience is captive and quite often attracted to the signage content because it helps to alleviate waiting times.

High street bill board Digital Signage

The high street is another great location for outdoor digital signs. While the audience along the high street can’t be described as captive, they are at least enough of them to make the use of any outdoor digital billboard or screen well worth while.

Roadside billboard Digital Signage

Another place where digital billboards are being used and slowly replacing the conventional print hoardings are along roadsides. The giant billboards that have commonly advertised to commuters are slowly being replaced with more and more digital signage versions providing more engaging content.

Waiting Area Digital Signage

Any outdoor area where people are forced to wait provides a great opportunity for digital signage. Lines and queues in theme parks are one example but any location where people have little choice but to wait provides an opportunity to target them for advertising purposes.

Shop Front Digital Signage

Digital signage is incredibly popular with the retail sector but while many retailers employ screens in-store, these are merely advertising to people that are already customers. Digital signage can be far more useful as a method of attracting new customers into the store and placing a digital sign outside on the shop frontage is one possible way for doing that – also taking into account that more people will pass by and see the outdoor digital sign than will enter the store and view any of the indoor ones.

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