Religious Messages on Digital Signage

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Churches have a need for communication just like other institutions and businesses. Not only do churches and other religious buildings have many events throughout the calendar year, from religious festivals to community events.

Religious buildings also have a need to advertise and spread the word of God. Churches also have to compete for congregations and even have to develop their own brands, especially in areas where more than one denomination is competing for worshipers.

Some modern church buildings can be more akin to a school or other institute inside, with many different rooms offering all sorts of services, making a need for indoor signage and wayfinding too.

Why Digital Signage

Churches have always used a wide range of tools to communicate with their congregations. From the humble parish magazine to static posters and signs, to giant banners professing religious messages, but there is a new and more modern form of communication that some churches are using to provide messages to their worshippers—digital signage.

Digital signage is the use of TV screens to relay information and advertising, rather than TV programming. Because of the ability to use moving images, transitions and other effects, digital screens are more noticeable and effective at getting messages across.

Digital signage is also flexible, enabling real time uploading and displaying of content, and scheduled and times messages.

Using Digital Signage

Specialist equipment is available or digital signage, but a standard TV and simple media player are the only basics that are required. If the sign is going outside, then an outdoor digital signage enclosure (commonly called a LCD enclosure) will be required to protect it from the weather, variable temperatures and risk of vandalism.

For digital signage, both LCD and plasma TVs can be utilised, and there is little difference these days in the two technologies. If using multiple screens, then networking may be a good idea, but if just a single screen is used, say outside the installing media player inside the outdoor digital signage enclosure will perhaps be the simplest solution for the uploading of content.

Digital Signage at The vision of Trinity Lutheran Church, in Villa Park, Illinois


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