Retail Digital Signage Indoor and Out

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Providing screens for promotion and branding has benefits both indoors and out. Commonly used inside retail stores and diners, digital signage displays provide an easy and eye-catching form of promotion and branding, communicating with customers and steering them to promotions and sale items.

Outdor Totem

Different types of retail displays offer several solutions depending on floor space, floor plan and viewability. Digital posters are a common form of digital signage; these screens rest flush against walls and usually hang in portrait mode, providing an alternative to the static poster. The great advantage of digital signage displays rather than static media is that content can be uploaded remotely and immediately, so there is never any need to remove the digital display or print promotional posters.

Point of Sale (POS) screens offer opportunities for a last-ditched attempt at promotion. The great advantage of these screens is that shoppers are captive as they wait in lines so have little choice but absorb the content.

Indoor totem

Other forms of indoor digital signage include the floor standing totems. The great advantage to these is the prominence they provide. A floor standing display provides a feature that simply can’t be ignored, as shoppers have to negotiate it. The downside to these totem displays is the amount of valuable floor space they take up. But for front of store, facing shoppers as they enter, they provide a great way of marketing.

Placing the screens in the doorway or even outside the store or diner provides a far greater reach and audience than indoor displays. Outdoor screens are visible to not only people entering the store, but also passersby—drawing them in with promotions—and even those traveling past in vehicles.

All sorts of retailers provide clear and wide-ranging marketing using outdoor digital signage totems. Often seen outside diners and drive-thrus, the totem enclosure protects the housed screen from the effects of rain and other weather elements, whilst also providing tough and rugged protection against impacts.


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