Royal Wedding gets the DOOH Treatment

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With an expected TV audience of over two billion people, this week’s royal wedding is becoming a huge event, not just in the UK, but across the world too.

With hundreds of thousands expected to line the road from the Mall to watch Prince Williams and Kate Middleton get married, it’s no surprise that several large outdoor digital signage screens in London will be displaying live pictures of the event.

Considered the country’s best outdoor digital advertising opportunity, the main road linking central London to Heathrow, the A4, has two giant screens owned by Hello! and Ocean Outdoors, both of which will be relaying a live photo stream of the wedding on 29 April.

But the amount of outdoor screens relaying coverage doesn’t just include these giant outdoor digital signs, but many bars pubs and hotels with outdoor TVs will be relaying the event in a hope to draw in crowds of drinkers, eager to spend their day off in the sunshine, whist watching the nuptials outdoors.

An event like the Royal Wedding, along with sports tournaments such as the World Cup, can provide real incentives in the summer for hospitality businesses like bars and clubs to install and outdoor TV.

Customers, who perhaps are not regular drinkers, may be more than likely to do so during these times, and since the smoking ban, many people want to be able to see these televised events outdoors.

Outdoor televisions can be expensive though, but with outdoor LCD enclosures able to house standard devices and allow them to be used safely and securely outdoors, defending from weather, temperature and impact, they are enabling many smaller businesses to take of outdoor TVs.

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