Schools and Colleges – Why Digital Signage?

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There has been a rise in the uptake of digital signage amongst education establishments with many schools, colleges and universities implementing screens both indoors and outside on campus.

There are many benefits of digital signage for educational establishments and although any school or college doesn’t want to spend money unnecessary the usefulness of digital signage has proved worthwhile to many deans and headmasters.

The reason for the large uptake has to do with the many benefits that digital signage has to offer a school or other educational establishment; here are just some of them:


Schools continually have to pump out information and not just for students and parents either. Schools act as hubs for the local community and offer all sorts of services from use of the school facilities in the evening to polling stations during elections.

Digital signage used at North Pocono high school, Pennsylvania

Ensuring information is relayed to the right people has always been the task of the traditional school letter or notice board but now digital signage allows schools to not only ensure pupils and students are aware of important information but also by utilising outdoor digital signage at the front of the school they can keep the local community informed also.


All schools and colleges want to set themselves apart from the rest and digital signage helps portray a modern and sophisticated image. This wow factor also helps ensure the information is more likely to be digested as people (including our youth) are still captivated by the newness of digital signage especially when they are housed na  stylish LCD enclosure.


Unfortunately incidents and emergencies do arise on educational campuses. From bomb threats to some of the tragic firearms incidents that make headline news. Ensuring that information is being relayed to help ensure the safety of students during times of emergency and some high profile incidents of late where students have been injured or killed following an incident that could have been avoided if the information had been relayed.


Students can get restless quite easy, so keeping them engaged is vital in the learning process. Digital signage is far more engaging that traditional signage methods it is also more flexible so a screen being used for education can easily be used to stream videos if the weather has kept the students from the playing fields.

Revenue Creation

Schools are just like any other business these days. Many have control of their own budget and are always looking for new ways of generating revenue. Digital signage is incredibly flexible as advertisements can be woven into the regular content meaning not only can you supply the information you need to relay but also generate revenue at the same time.

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