Secrets of Digital Signage – The LCD Enclosure

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As with any new industry and innovation, implementing and using digital signage often involves a considerable amount of trial an error. The industry is still too new for any solid rules and conventions to make utilising digital signage easier.

However, there are already some emerging secrets that many digital signage installers are using to make the implementation of digital signage a success.

One of the main areas of concern for many people looking onto digital signage as a possible method of marketing is the probability of any return on investment (ROI). One area where the cost of implementation of TV screens for digital signage is extremely high and therefore making any ROI a lot more difficult is in the use of outdoor digital signage.

The excessive costs of outdoor digital signage occur because most LCD and plasma TV screens are not designed for outdoor use. At the very least an LCD TV used for signage purposes in an outdoor location needs to be waterproof which is where the high costs come in.

Waterproof LCD and plasma TVs are exceptionally expensive. Compared to standard TV systems a waterproof IP65 TV (NEMA 4) could cost ten times the amount and while the potential audience of any outdoor signage is a lot higher than indoor digital signage, the ROI will still be difficult to achieve.

LCD enclosures are a cost effective and efficient way of utilising standard LCD and plasma screens, the type that are normally found in people’s front room, in outdoor locations.

Ad LCD enclosure will provide a protective environment for any enclosed LCD or plasma screen offering waterproof protection. Many LCD enclosures also contain heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimum working temperature inside the enclosure no matter what the weather outside.

These LCD monitor enclosures are one of a number of digital signage secrets that enable a cost effective and practical approach to outdoor digital signage.

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