Secrets of Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage

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The use of LCD and plasma screens outside for the purposes of digital advertising has boomed in recent years thanks to the falling price of the technology and the availability of protective LCD enclosures.

These protective LCD cabinets are designed to ensure the standard LCD TV enclosed in the system will operate outside despite the weather, temperature or other hazards associated with outdoor digital signage.

The protection offered by LCD enclosures is more than just placing the standard TV in a watertight box there is much more to consider:

Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage – Airflow and Waterproofing

All electronic devices need a flow of air around them to transfer heat away the device. Without an adequate air flow the LCD TV would overheat and potentially be permanently damaged. While the outdoor LCD enclosure needs to be water tight it also needs somewhere for the hot-air to escape. Obviously a standard air vent would let-in water so specially designed air-flow chambers that allow air to flow out for the LCD enclosure but are designed to prevent falling water (i.e. rain) from entering, are used.

Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage – Temperature Control

Outdoor locations have other hazards that a standard LCD device can’t cope with such as extreme temperatures. In the summer the LCD needs to be protected form the heat. This is often achieved using the same air flow technology as above, although in some locations where temperatures get really excessive, air conditioning systems can be fitted inside the enclosure. In the winter when temperatures can fall below zero, thermostatically controlled heating systems prevent any ice from forming inside the enclosure or the device.

Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage – Other Factors

Another consideration in outdoor locations is the effect of the sun on the screen. Anti-glare glass is often used to ensure the LCD TV is still readable – even in direct sunlight. Other consideration needs to be given to security also as outdoor digital signage systems are often left unattended so secure locks and shatterproof glass can be fitted to deter vandals and thieves.

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