Secrets of Successful Outdoor Digital Signage

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With outdoor digital signage and advertising now becoming a mainstream media, more and more organisations are looking to it as a means of advertising, promotion or branding. Many of these organisations may or may not already have experience using indoor screens like digital posters but an all too common mistake is that people assume that the same rules and methods for indoor will work just as well out.

Outdoor digital signage, however, requires a different approach and what may work in indoors will not necessarily work in an outdoor location. There are three key aspects to consider when embarking on an outdoor advertising campaign:


Location is of course key for both indoor and outdoor digital signage. The wrong location where there is not enough footfall, or the screen is in a position where it is not properly visible to oncoming crowds, will mean the sign could be ineffectual.

Angle is important with outdoor digital signage as the screen needs to be positioned in such a way that the audience’s eyes will meet it as they approach, especially if it is placed above eye-level.


Outdoor content requires different criteria to indoors too. Colours, fonts and content that works in an indoor location may not work outdoors. One key factor for this is the dwell time. As people tend to walk a little quicker outdoors, especially when the weather is bad.

Outdoor digital signage is also viewed from farther away. For these reasons outdoor content needs be succinct and clear with just the most crucial information on display with less transitions and fancy fonts and colours.

Physical protection is vital for outdoor digital signage


Physical protection is also key for outdoor locations. Weather protection is obvious but considerations like temperature, physical impact and sun protection need to also be factored in. LCD enclosures are a common and inexpensive solution for this as they provide all-round weather protection as well as temperature and physical protection.

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