Securing an Outdoor Screen

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When using outdoor digital signage, using an outdoor information screen, or using an outdoor TV, security is an important factor. A stolen, damaged or vandalized screen could be costly to repair and can lead to loss of income while the screen is down.

Many outdoor screens are left unattended so securing them is essential if the screen is to be left overnight, but security is not as easy as it may sound.

Screen Defence

The most difficult area of an outdoor screen to protect is the screen face itself. Because a viewer needs to see a screen easily, any protection across the face of the display needs to be transparent.

Glass is obviously transparent but is not suitable for protecting the face of an LCD or plasma screen. Glass is extremely brittle so will easily smash, and in addition, glass is sharp and can pose a hazard if it does get broken.

Different types of transparent shatterproof screens are the most common solution for outdoor screen protection. These polymer-based screen faces can withstand severe, high impact blows without shattering and ensure the LCD screen behind is protected.


Securing the screen to wherever you want it mounted is another important aspect to outdoor digital signage security. Theft and vandalism could easily occur if the screen isn’t bolted down properly, and ensuring the device can’t be tampered with is another concern.

Secure mounting and preventing tampering requires the use of a secure outdoor digital signage enclosure. A steel, lockable enclosure will ensure that the enclosed screen can’t be tampered with or damaged.

The mounting system itself needs also to be secure with the screen firmly bolted into a wall, ceiling or floor.



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