Simple Digital Signage Solutions

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Digital signage is a steadily growing industry. Each day new installations are appearing in shopping malls, retail parks and even outdoor digital signage along the high street.

With such a rise in popularity, people can be excused in thinking that digital signage is a simple affair, simply place a screen on a wall, upload content and away you go; however, there are many challenges to digital signage and setting up your first campaign can be a challenge.

There is the content to design, the screens to source, and the relevant protection for said displays, networking, not to mention the erection of the signs and finding the right locations. In fact, many people looking to try digital signage out for the first time are often put off by these challenges. Quite often this can lead to an abandonment of the idea as doubts of return on investment and the cost of using third parties start to build up.

Nevertheless, there are simple methods of getting involved in this exciting and rewarding medium without the excessive costs – and even outdoor digital signage can be embarked on without the need for expensive outdoor TV devices and complex networking systems.

Digital poster

Perhaps the simplest method of digital signage is the digital poster. These are commercial grade LCD screens with built in media player that can be mounted straight to a wall, with content loaded and are ready to go – a turn key solution.

Freestanding digital signage

Standalone digital signage (kiosk)

Similar to digital posters, these display devices are installed in a free standing LCD enclosure (often referred to as a kiosk), these too are pretty simple to set up and run with the freestanding enclosure able to house both the display screen and media player (or small PC) for uploading content.

LCD enclosure

As mentioned, even outdoor digital signage can be implemented without all the hassle and expense of sourcing a waterproof outdoor screen. Standard commercial grade screens can be placed in these protective LCD enclosures that will protect the enclosed device from the weather and also keep the LCD secure against impacts and vandalism – whilst ensuring the optimum conditions inside the enclosure are maintained. These outdoor LCD enclosures also have enough room to house a media player or small PC to make uploading content simple.

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