Simple Solutions for Dynamic Digital Signage

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Out of home advertising has gone through some dramatic changes over the last decade. Static posters and hoardings are now moving aside for the modern and dynamic digital screens that are becoming commonplace in subways, shopping malls and even along main streets as outdoor digital signage.

This rise in digital screens used as advertising has been brought about by the flat-screen television revolution where LCD displays and plasma screens have usurped the bulky old cathode ray tubes (CRT). These screens are easily mounted on walls and brackets and have many benefits over conventional signage, including: instant uploading of content, remotely without the need of site visits; multiple advertisements can be used on a single display, allowing advertisers to maximize the potential ad space, and it is more modern and eye-catching with moving images able to catch the eye far better than static signage.

And you don’t need to be a techy to get involved either with dynamic digital signage and outdoor digital signage as there are some fairly simple solutions.

Digital Poster

A simple and easy to use digital poster can be ready to use out of the box. Often seen around shopping malls these can be networked or content can be uploaded via USB – not recommended for outdoor digital signage, though.

Standalone Digital Signage Kiosks

These are another ready to use solution for when space is not a problem. The advantage of these stand alone and free standing digital signage systems is they are very obtrusive forcing audiences to notices them, rather than flat posters that can be easily ignored. They make great centerpieces in retail units.

Outdoor LCD Enclosure

A simple method of using outdoor dynamic digital signage is to erect an LCD enclosure and install a standard commercial grade screen inside. The LCD enclosure will protect the screen and any media device from the rigors of the weather, temperature and provide physical protection too.

Digital Poster

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