So what is Digital Signage?

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The term digital signage has become common parlance over the last few years but exactly what is Digital Signage?  Digital signage is a term used to describe any signage system that uses TV technology to display advertising or information.

Digital out of home advertising is often another term that describes the use of LCD and plasma TV’s for this purpose but in fact there is more to just advertising when it comes to digital signage.

LCD TVs and plasmas can be used to display not just advertisement messages but all sorts of information from directions to health and safety instructions.

Digital signage is a term that describes the use of TV’s to display any information or advertisement but flat screens such as LCD or plasma have made it possible, due to their slim design, to place the signage flat on walls or in other locations without taking up too much space.

The use of these display devices for the purpose of signage has expanded dramatically over the last few years, primarily due to the falling cost of these devices that is matched by the increase in both efficiency of the technology and a general move towards them getting thinner and less heavy.

Their use is now widespread and it is not just indoors where these TV’s are being used for information and advertising. Outdoor digital signage has expanded dramatically in recent years too.

While LCD and plasmas are perhaps more rugged than conventional CRT TVs, that is not to say that their use is suitable for outdoor use. However, weatherproof LCD protection in the form of LCD enclosures are available that protect the enclosed LCD or plasma from rain and other harsh outdoor elements.

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