So what is the Cost of Outdoor Digital Signage?

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Many business and industries have begun to look at digital signage as part of their overall marketing and advertising package. It has many advantages over conventional advertising – including cost.
Before digital signage there were only a few methods where you could advertise to such large numbers of people: newspapers, TV, Radio and print posters.

All these advertising methods are highly expensive, which is one of the reasons digital signage has become so prominent, especially in retail locations.

And outdoor digital signage is beginning to become prevalent too, despite the added costs involved; as the advantages of being outside – larger audience, less competition etc – outweigh the costs.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly common

Added Costs of Outdoor Screens

There are added costs to outdoor digital signage compared to an indoor screen. In an indoor environment a standard or commercial screen can often function perfectly well without much protection; however, in an outdoor environment there are many elements that the screen will need to be protected from:

• Rainfall
• Airborne debris
• Damage caused by accidental/deliberate impacts
• Temperature changes – from sub zero to summer heat waves
• Direct sunlight

Outdoor and waterproof LCD TV systems are increasingly becoming common due to the demand for outdoor TVs and outdoor digital signage. They are, however, highly expensive with many outdoor TVs in excess of the $10,000 and while they commonly protect from the rain and have large temperature tolerances; they will still need some added anti-vandal protection and in areas of extreme temperature – possibly additional heating and cooling systems too.

Cost effective Outdoor Digital Signage

But outdoor digital signage does not have to be an expensive activity, there are cost effective alternatives:

LCD enclosures are a simple and effective method of allowing and standard or commercial device to be taken outside into an outdoor environment.

Not only do they protect from all the elements mentioned above they are solidly built from steel so protect the housed LCD from attack too. And with space for a media player – or small factor PC – and LCD enclosure; even combined with a commercial grade screen, will still cost a fraction of a specific outdoor LCD device.

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