Some Unique Challenges in Digital Signage

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LCD screens are now as commonplace outside our homes and offices as they are inside them. They are used in many retail locations from shop frontages to outdoor digital signage along our highways.

But not all digital advertising and information screens are straightforward setups, and there are some pretty unique challenges in some digital signage applications that can make installations even more challenging.

Outdoor digital signage

Whilst we’ve already touched on outdoor digital signage but there are a lot of demands in using screens outdoors which are worth discussing. Waterproof LCD enclosures are obviously essential to protect any signage screen from the weather but there are more challenges with outdoor digital signage than just rainfall.

Temperature – is another aspect to outdoor systems that needs to be considered. Any temperature that differs from the optimum operating temperature of the display device needs to be catered for. Heaters are often required for cooler climates and cooling fans for hotter areas. Often these climate modules can be installed inside the LCD enclosure next to the screen and media player.

Sunlight can also be a challenge to counter. The glare and reflection of the sun can make a screen unreadable and finding a method t prevent this can be difficult.

Other unique challenges

Nearly every new install of a digital signage screen can offer unique challenges. TV systems installed in many hospitals and institutions are one example. Often in these areas the TV screen needs to be protected from potential damage caused by the patients or inmates, while also it has to be designed and installed to ensure that the device can’t itself be used to cause harm. Often in these types of institutions the LCD enclosure has to be installed flush against a wall to ensure that ligatures can’t be attached to the device.

Another unique challenge to some digital signage installations is size. With digital advertising size really does matter. In the early days screens were not built large enough to take enough advantage of the many locations, particularly in outdoor digital signage, hat they were installed.

Size matters with outdoor digital signage

Now LCD displays are commonly manufactured to be 70”+ which can provide the size needed to really draw attention to a digital signage campaign.

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