Spreading the Word – The Growing Use of Digital Signage at Religious Buildings

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Digital signage is a modern, new and dynamic industry. LCD screens used for advertising and information have already penetrated the retail sectors and many of the services we commonly use.

Shops, surgery waiting rooms, petrol stations restaurants and schools and colleges are common places to find digital signage systems.

But perhaps the most surprising sector that has been keen to embrace this new technology is the use of digital signage screens at religious buildings.

Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues have begun to deploy digital signage both inside the religious buildings and outdoors. Many of these religious institutes in our major cities have congregations numbering in their thousands and for any Vicar, Priest, Brahmin, Granthi, Rabbi or Imman to ensure all members of the congregation are aware of upcoming events can be really difficult, especially in some areas where often the congregation hail from different parts of the world and so communication can be difficult.

Digital Sigange in a Mosque – image courtesy dailydooh.com

The advantages of digital signage for religious institutes, particularly busy city churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, is that they can provide event information to all members of the congregation in whatever language they choose.

Another reason that religious buildings are using digital signage, and in particular outdoor digital signage, to spread religious messages themselves.

Religions have always advertised, this is not new, but now, rather than rely on static signs tied to the side of the church, dynamic messages can be relayed through an outdoor digital signage system. This makes the message far more attractive and engaging, especially in the modern world and particularly amongst the younger generation.

Outdoor digital signage is helping many struggling religious buildings generate new interest amongst the younger generations ensuring the faith continues to thrive in the communities that they serve.

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