Spreading Your Message – Outdoor Digital Signage

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Getting your advertising campaigns seen by as many people as possible is not just down to location. Posters, billboards and print adverts are everywhere yet we very rarely notice them other than a quick glance.

In a world saturated by advertisements getting your own message across can be extremely difficult, which is why more and more companied are turning to digital advertising and digital signage.

Using LCD and plasma displays is a far more engaging method of getting your message across than traditional print media. Moving images, bright colours and even audio can all be used to attract attention.

There are other advantages over print media; as well as being far more noticeable it is by far a more flexible method of displaying advertising campaigns or information. Campaigns can be tailored for specific sites, specific times of day or even a specific audience.

The cost of LCD and plasma technology is also falling dramatically and is now comparable with the cost of initiating a print advertising campaign. The continued development in the technology also means that these flat panel TVs are thinner lighter and more durable than they have ever been.

Installed in a weatherproof LCD enclosure these devices can also be used as outdoor digital signage as they are protected from the elements by the LCD enclosures which often contain additional heating and air conditioning systems that can cope with the extremes of both winter and summer.

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