Take Advantage of the Anywhere Digital Signage System

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When marketers first started using commercial LCD and plasma televisions for digital signage, they could never predict how large and how quickly this new media has flourished. Whilst using display devices such as LCDs for advertising may have been seen as a natural step, placing a TV anywhere other than a home can be seen as an innovative challenge.

Modern plasma and LCD TV’s are designed primarily for the home entertainment market. This means that TV manufacturers design their product to be used in such areas and as most homes are dry, dust-free environments and kept at a normal room temperature then this is the type of environment that the TV screens are designed for.

Using them outside the confines of a home living room, does pose particular problems though. Our homes are normally well heated and there is little need to secure the TV from potential thieves or vandals. However, in using a LCD TV for advertising and digital signage then the security of the device has to be a consideration.

Other considerations in using home entertainment systems for business applications is the area the TV screens are to be located can also contain other hostile elements. Outdoor digital signage systems have to endure the weather and rain and in some industrial areas they have to endure other hazards too such as dust, vibrations, heavy impacts and wash down.

LCD enclosures are the perfect solution to protect standard TV devices in these sorts of conditions. Apart from being built from solid steel providing a solid casing that acts as a deterrent to thieves and vandals but also the enclosures are designed to act as an environmental microcosm ensuring the exact conditions inside the enclosure for the LCD or plasma TV to operate in.

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