The Benefits to Going Outdoors with Digital Signage

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Outdoor digital signage is continuing to prosper with year-on-year growth, while the indoor market is beginning to flatten in many locations. Part of this reason is that there is now such a  widespread  dissemination of indoor screens, found everywhere from grocery stores, shopping malls and airports, there are few places left for screens to make a real impact.

Outdoor digital signage has many benefits

While the indoor market still has plenty of opportunities for innovative and fresh ideas, outdoor digital signage provides many benefits for advertisers and businesses.

Although indoor screens are very effective at reaching out of home audiences, proving more engaging and eye-catching content than static posters, outdoor screens have a far wider reach. Audience numbers are much higher in outdoor locations while digital competition is much lower. While it’s true, outdoor screens have shorter dwell times, more people are likely to see the screen, with the display able to draw the eye of passersby and people travelling in vehicles.

For retailers, while indoor screens help to promote and sway consumer preferences, they are still only advertising to those already in the store. An outdoor digital signage display can promote to people passing by, helping to draw them into the store—if the promotion is appealing.

Outdoor digital signage also works for 24-hours. With so many locations in city-centers and town locations offering evening entertainment, an outdoor screen continues delivering content throughout the night. And, as outdoor digital signage screens are bright and illuminated, visibility improves in dim light, making them even more noticeable.

Providing digital signage in an outdoor environment does come with a few difficulties, namely the need for protection. Ensuring the screen is weatherproof, resistant to impacts and can cope with bright sunlight does make outdoor digital signage installation more of a challenge, but it does not have to be too complicated.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are inexpensive and provide a comprehensive form of protection for digital signage screens enabling outdoor use. Easy to install and manufactured in the most common screen sizes, an LCD enclosure can provide a simple and effective method of taking advantage outdoor digital signage benefits.

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