The Best Location for an LCD Enclosure

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LCD enclosures are becoming a popular method of using TV screens outdoors, whether for outdoor digital signage, information screens or as a cost effective outdoor TV.

Installed in all sorts of locations LCD enclosures and used for all sorts of reasons. In sports stadiums and transport hubs they provide information, outside restaurants and retail units, they provide digital advertising, while pubs, bars and restaurant have provided outdoor TVs by installing them in their beer gardens and patios.

LCD enclosures can be wall-mounted, either lying flush or on a bracket; floor mounted, on poles or other floor mounts; or hanging from a ceiling, on a ceiling bracket.

Ensuring you have chosen the right location is highly important when installing an LCD enclosure, and for several reasons:

Outdoor Digital Signage

The position of a screen can make all the difference, especially for digital signage. Unlike information or entertainment screens, viewers do not seek out advertising displays. Either they will spot the sign, or not. If a display is hanging too high up from a ceiling, the intended audience may walk straight underneath it.

Information Signs

Clarity is also important with information signs so the display needs a positioned where enough people can view the sign without getting in each other’s way. Because of this, ceilings are often the best position for information screens as people can congregate underneath to view the display.

Outdoor TVs

Position is also important when mounting an outdoor TV. Not only will large groups of people in a bar or pub will want to view the screen, so it needs to be either raised or in a location where people will all see it, but also the screens needs to be in a position where the sun won’t cause glare or viewing problems.

High brightness screens are best for outdoor locations but by making good use of the screen, facing away from the direct line of the sun, and you may avoid this additional expense.

Position can avoid screen glare

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