The Change of Screens – Birth of Digital Signage

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LCD and plasma TVs have only been around for the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that most TV screens in use were the bulky old CRT (cathode ray tubes); now, liquid crystal displays have completely usurped the TV market forcing the CRT into obsolescence.

There are two reasons for this dramatic change of technology. Firstly, LCD screens are a lot more versatile; they are thinner, lighter and available in far more screen sizes and formats than their forerunners. Secondly, LCD TVs are a lot cheaper, both to produce and to buy – and the costs are continually falling.

One of the consequences of this advancement in TV technology is that more and more devices are being taken out of the home for purposes other than entertainment.

Flat screen TVs have sparked an entire new industry

Digital Signage

One of the most common uses of out of home use is digital signage, often referred to as digital out of home (Dooh). Digital signage comes in many different shapes and sizes but fundamentally they are all modern LCD screens mounted in a protective LCD enclosure and hooked up to a type of media player or PC.

These digital signage displays can be positioned in both portrait or landscape mode – something that CRTs could never do – and come in almost endless number of sizes and aspect ratios.

Outdoor digital signage

Another aspect to the modern flatscreen LCDs is the increasing use of them outside. Outdoor digital signage is an expanding industry and nearly every major city or conurbation has some screens placed outside for either outdoor digital signage or to provide information to the public; this is made possible by the growth of the LCD enclosure industry.

LCD enclosures are protective digital signage enclosures that allow standard commercial grade LCD screens to be taken outside safely. They protect the LCD screens from all the damaging elements found in outdoor locations such as rainfall, temperature and impacts.

Thanks to the modern, cost effective and versatile LCD TV, no longer does the television only belong in sitting rooms and TV parlours – they have also opened the door for an entire new advertising industry in the shape of digital signage.

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