The Different Types of Digital Signage

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Digital signage, electronic billboards, out of home media – or the myriad of other names given to the use of LCD TVs as advertising and information media – is a new but burgeoning industry.

There are hundreds of different types of digital signage systems dotted around retail parks, shopping malls, concourses, waiting rooms, airports and even gas stations. And they come in a host of different sizes and styles.

Digital Posters are a simple method of digital signage

However, all digital signage systems are based around flat screen TV technology and despite the myriad of different styles of digital signage systems they can really be boiled down to a few different key systems.

Digital Posters

Perhaps the simplest of all digital signage displays is the digital signage poster. These are simply LCD screens placed flat against a wall. Often they are housed in a simple but attractive LCD enclosure that offers little room for anything other than a simple media player.

However, for a first step on the digital signage ladder, digital posters are ideal because they are simple to erect and install. Digital posters can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Another great advantage of the digital poster is that they are erected flat against a wall and therefore take up little space. Smaller versions of the digital poster are often used as digital menu boards or point of sale advertisements.

Free Standing Digital Advertisement Displays

Another method of displaying digital signage is to use a floor mounted display enclosure. These are often bolted to the ground making them quite obtrusive but ideal for turning the floor standing digital signage into a centre piece. They are also are quite often used for interactivity as digital signage kiosks by implementing touch screens instead of LCD TVs.

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage

A less obtrusive but less eye-catching method of mounting an LCD screen for digital signage is to hang it from the ceiling. Ceiling mounted digital signage is often used for displaying information as often the display needs to be looked for as it is unnatural for eyes to wonder up as you walk about meaning advertising displays using this method could get ignored.

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor locations are becoming increasingly popular for the installation of digital signage. There is a lot more to the requirements of outdoor digital signage though with the LCD enclosure that protect the screens having to be waterproof and contain adequate cooling, heating and airflow systems.

However outdoor digital signage is being used in similar ways to indoor displays replacing the printed billboards and hoardings that have traditionally dominated our high streets.

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