The Future of Outdoor Digital Signage for 2010

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Outdoor media is not new. Billboards on tops of buildings and poster campaigns have been used for decades and outdoor advertising has been seen as an inexpensive method of getting a message across. Outdoor advertising is far more effective than an indoor campaign, especially in areas of high footfall as the potential audience is almost limitless compared with indoor advertising.

But over the last decade outdoor advertising has taken a twist that has brought it right up to date into the 21st century by utilising the ever advancing display technologies such as plasma and LCD TVs.

Since the turn of the millennium, outdoor digital signage has sprung up nearly everywhere. From TV screens in shopping malls, providing information and wayfinding, to multimedia advertising being displayed on TV screens outside retail units, digital menu boards outside restaurants and even digital signage systems on top of taxis are being implemented.

And digital outdoor signage is set to expand over the coming decade with new developments, applications and technologies set to expand the use of outdoor advertising and outdoor digital signage even more.

Holograms and 3D imaging are set to become new methods of attracting attention while the ever increasing size of LCD and LED TVs, combined with their decline in cost, means that high street digital signage systems are also going to increasing in size with screens in excess of 70” being implemented already across the globe.

Protecting these devices in outdoor locations will also be important over the coming decade with 70″ LCD enclosures manufactured to match these extreme size of screens.

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