The Growth of Digital Signage

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Digital signage is the fastest growing medium and the entire digital out of home advertising (Dooh) sector is continuing to rise even during the current global financial difficulties.

With so many companies and businesses turning to digital signage as a means of raising brand awareness and generating leads, is your business missing out or is this new digital advertising medium a flash in the pan?

Well, using TV systems for purposes other than home entertainment is certainly not a new idea but its recent expansion and the reason you are probably reading this article is due to the size and shape the technology has developed into.

LCD TVs are a lot flatter and less cumbersome than the CRT forerunners (Cathode Ray Tube) and so are more convenient to place on walls and in floor spaces. Also the technology that can drive the digital advertising has also become less cumbersome with flash drives and thin client computers now able to store whole media campaigns.

And thanks to LCD enclosures, digital signage has been taken into areas that conventional TV systems have never been used before such as outside. Outdoor digital signage is the latest area that that digital advertising has been taken to and this is due to the protection provided by LCD enclosures.

LCD enclosures provide waterproof and dustproof protection and also allow the LCD TVs to be left unattended or unmanned locations as they are built from solid steel and have secure locking systems. They also have shatterproof screens and other anti-vandalism mechanisms to prevent unwanted attention.

Thanks to LCD enclosures, digital signage is continuing to expand with more and more companies and business using this digital advertising medium to increase awareness of their products and services.

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