The High Street – A Proving Ground for Outdoor Digital Signage

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The modern high street is changing. The billboards, posters and signs that have for decades been used for promotion and advertisement are disappearing and are being replaced with Outdoor Digital Signage, a more modern and dynamic method of advertising and branding.

Outdoor digital signage is advertising for the 21st century. It has so many advantages over conventional printed sign media that it is difficult to know where to start but in general, digital signage in outdoor locations:

  • Is more noticeable than print media
  • More engaging to the viewer as the media content and vibrant imagery catches the eye
  • Is highly flexible; advertising campaigns can be changed easily and remotely
  • Reaches greater audiences than indoor systems
  • Looks better than shabby and ripped print posters and signs

Digital Signage is attractive and dynamic

However outdoor digital signage does have some drawbacks to it also, especially consider- ing that these digital displays are just standard LCD type televisions that have been taken from the clean, warm and dry confines of the living room and placed outside with the varying temperatures, weather elements and risk of attacks from vandals.

Protecting outdoor digital signage from these hazards is the role of the outdoor LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures allow these TV devices to operate outdoors without the risk of being damaged by the weather, temperature or attacks by vandals.

Thanks to the protection offered by these weather and waterproof LCD enclosures, outdoor digital signage is providing a cost effective method of increasing awareness, driving up sales in the retail sector, and providing information.

Without the protection these LCD enclosures offer, it is doubtful that outside digital signage would have made the impact that it has and our high streets would certainly lose that look of modernity that has developed thanks to the use of digital signage on the high street.

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