The Immediacy of Using Digital Signage – Amscreen Demonstrate the Speed of Dooh

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Digital out of home (dooh) has fast become one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising available with modern flat screen TVs such as LCD or plasma, now installed in all sorts of locations.

Shopping centres, convenience stores, gas stations, airports and inside retail stores are common locations to find digital signage, as are high streets with the growing rise of outdoor digital signage, which is often used to raise brand awareness, promote new product lines and manipulate customers at point of sale.

As part of an ongoing marketing and promotional campaign, digital signage can bring great rewards and is an effective method of raising brand awareness and has many advantages over other forms of media too.

Compared to TV and radio advertising, digital signage is a fraction of the cost and yet can receive extremely high audience figures, unparalleled by other media. It’s modern, aesthetically attractive and once installed should require little or no maintenance. However, one of the biggest advantages of using digital out of home is its immediacy.

Unlike other forms of advertising, with digital out of home content can be changed and new content placed up virtually instantly, with no need to hire a technician to paste up content to each site, with content instantly available once its uploaded.

This immediacy was demonstrated succinctly by Amscreen last week who were approached by UK DIY chain Wickes who wished to use the 1,500 screen network to promote their new catalogue. The one-day campaign went live in under 40 minutes from hen the retailer agreed the campaign to when it went live.

The campaign was then seen over 2.9 million times over the next 24 hours across Amscreen’s extensive network.

This immediacy makes digital out of home not just advantageous to advertisers like Amscreen but has great benefits for all sorts of applications.

Transport has long used this technology, particularly on railway platforms where real time information about delays and cancellations can be uploaded and relayed to passengers, instantly.

It can also serve to provide emergency information which can be really advantageous, especially for locations of large area such as college campuses.

Digital Signage is Immediate

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