The Increasing use of Outdoor TV Systems

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Now that flat-screen TV’s like LCD and plasmas are the norm and the bulky cathode ray tube (CRT) has gone the way of the dinosaurs there has been a rise in the types of applications these screens are being used for.

Whilst home entertainment is obviously still the number one use there has been a rise in using LCD TVs outdoors for a range of purposes, from digital signage, outdoor TV entertainment in bars and restaurants and for providing information such as interactive maps on high streets.

Because LCD TV’s and plasma screens are flat they are ideal for such applications as they take up little space and can be mounted on walls and on pedestals without causing too much obstruction.

Their growth outdoors has been quite dramatic and the outdoor digital signage industry is a booming sector even in these uncertain economic climates. However, using LCD and plasma screens outside does come with some issues, primarily regarding the fact that most LCD TV’s are not designed to operate outdoors and of course the natural elements of rain, snow, hot and cold extremes and wind blown debris can all cause an LCD or plasma TV to expire.

Ensuring any outside TV system is protected against theft and vandalism is also important as an unsecured TV will soon disappear or get damaged if left unattended.

However, a simple and cost effective method of protecting flat screen TV systems in outdoor locations is available thanks to the outdoor LCD TV enclosure.

LCD enclosures are protective casings that not only keep the rain, dust, snow and wind blown debris out of the system but also contain heating and cooling systems that ensure the safe operation even in extreme temperatures.

Not only are LCD enclosures waterproof, dustproof and can cope with the extremes of temperature such as arctic winters and heat waves they also protect against unwanted attention by vandals and thieves as they are often fitted with shatterproof screens and are built from solid steel.

LCD enclosures provide a cost effective, practical and secure solution for all outdoor TV requirements from outdoor digital signage to outdoor TV entertainment.

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