The Largest Range of Plasma and LCD Enclosures from Armagard

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The LCD and plasma TV revolution seems to be in full swing with TV screens being manufactured in both larger and smaller sizes to accommodate their use, not just as entertainment and home viewing, but also the ever increasing needs of the digital signage market.

From 70” plasmas to smaller compact LCD’s, TV screens now come in a multitude of sizes and aspect ratios just as there is a multitude of uses for TV’s for digital signage purposes.

Another prerequisite for digital signage systems is the protection of the LCD or plasma screen. Many TV screens are now finding themselves in locations where a conventional plasma or LCD has not been designed to operate in. There are a multitude of locations that perhaps are not suitable for LCD or plasma screens. From factory floors and wash down environment or outdoors.

For outdoor digital signage where the TV screen has to not only withstand the weather elements such as rain and snow, and the extreme temperatures associated with the winter and summer months – They also need to be protected from unwanted attention in public and unmanned areas.

Fortunately, the range of sizes of protective LCD enclosures is increasing to meet with the range of LCD and plasma TVs on the market. Nearly any size of LCD display or plasma screen can now be housed in an LCD enclosure. From small 19” LCD’s to 70” plasmas, they can all be housed an protected allowing their use in outdoor, industrial or unmanned locations.

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