The LCD Enclosure Revolution – Outdoor Digital Signage Made Easy

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More and more implementers of outdoor digital signage are turning to LCD enclosures as a simple and cost effective method of protecting screens in outdoor locations.

There are various elements that can disable an outdoor screen: weather, temperature and impacts, and all of these factors need to be protected against and LCD enclosures are one of the most effective, efficient and simplest methods for doing so.

The greatest benefit with an LCD enclosure is the cost savings with comparative systems. Because the outdoor digital signage enclosures house standard TV devices – either LCD or plasma – they are far more cost effective than buying an outdoor or waterproof TV that will still need some physical protection, anyway.

While a waterproof TV that is able to operate outdoors may cost in excess of ten times the price of a standard LCD, even when you include the cost of the enclosure – the cost savings are dramatic.

And LCD enclosures provide a comprehensive from of protection that not only prevents water ingress from rainfall but as the enclosures house climatic systems like fans and heaters, the inside of the enclosure is kept at the perfect temperature for running one of the LCD devices.

LCD enclosure – cost effective outdoor digital signage

The physical protection offered by an LCD enclosure is also an added boon. Normally these digital signage enclosures are manufactured from steel which provides a solid barrier against impacts which defends from vandals (and accidents) and they are usually fitted with shatterproof screens to protect the most vulnerable area of the TV.

LCD enclosures have allowed many people to embark in outdoor digital signage that would otherwise have been put of by the prohibitive set-up costs. By using an LCD enclosure with standard LCD device there is a better opportunity to get a return on the initial investment and as the enclosures provide the perfect operating environment to run an LCD screen, they often extend the life of the devices too – generating even more cost savings.

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