The Outdoor Digital Signage Checklist…part one

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When embarking on an outdoor digital signage campaign there are numerous pitfalls, hurdles and challenges that can halt your installation, damage the screen or reduce the ability to retrieve a return on your investment.

As with any project, planning is essential, so ensuring that you have covered all the bases will help prevent your outdoor digital signage project turning into a disaster. But the list of things that can, and do go wrong can be daunting and it is all too easy to forget one or two things – that could be crucial.

So to help you, here is a check list of things that will help you ensure you don’t miss any of the fundamentals before you install you screens in an outdoor location.


Before anything else, the location has to be selected. Nearly everything other decision will be reliant on where the sign is to be located. Once the location is sorted out you can assess things like the type of weatherproof protections that is required or whether or not direct sunlight will be a problem.


Any outdoor digital signage needs to be protected from the weather. Look out for a NEMA 4 or IP65 rating if you are using an outdoor TV or LCD enclosure.

Temperature – extremes

You need to have both extremes covered. Cooling needs to be supplied in the summer to prevent overheating but the winter needs to be accounted for too. If the temperature plummets beneath zero – heaters will need to be supplied to ensure damage isn’t caused by frozen condensation.


You need to have established how the content is to be uploaded which very well may mean installing cables and network access points before the installation.

Part two to follow…

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