The Particular Challenges Involved with Outdoor Digital Signage

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The fastest growing part of the digital signage industry is the growing outdoor sector. Outdoor digital signage has expanded incredibly fast over the last few years and is now worth an estimated $3.5 billion.

The rate at which outdoor digital signage installations are appearing is also increasing, thanks largely to the advance in technologies that is making using screens in outdoor locations less of a challenge.

The challenges facing digital signage are numerous but more and more devices, applications and advances mean they are diminishing all the time.


The weather has always been the most obvious challenge for using screens in outdoor locations. However, there has been a huge rise in the number of waterproof TVs and other outdoor screens. And while they are currently highly priced there are still less expensive alternatives.

Waterproof LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective method of waterproofing TV screens. These allow standard or commercial grade screens to be taken in almost any location – protecting them from rainfall and other weather elements.

LCD enclosures are popular for outdoor digital signage


Another common problem with outdoor TV screens and outdoor digital signage is sun glare and reflection. There are multiple solutions available for this; including simple measures like canopies or more complex screen technology like transflexive.


Another problem with outdoor screens is the varying temperatures they may have to operate in. Temperatures can range from freezing winters to baking hot summers and perennial extremes. LCD enclosures are a good solution here too as they can house the cooling or heating modules required to keep the screen at its optimum temperature.

Vandalism Protection

Another common problem with outdoor digital signage is the threat they face from deliberate damage. Any screen vandalised will have to be repaired or replaced adding additional costs to you campaign. However, a good steel LCD enclosure is one method of protecting the devices from attack.

Power Consumption

Another cost in implementing outdoor digital signage that can soon add up is the power consumption. Display screens for digital signage need to be on 24 hours a day and this power consumption can add additional costs. But low powered screens are now providing just as much picture quality for a lot less energy usage.


Another reason that LCD enclosures are commonly used is that when a screen is housed in a protective enclosure fitted out with climatic controls, the screen becomes a lot more reliable as it is always running in its optimum conditions. This reduces the likelihood failure and increases the life expectancy of standard screens.

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